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Registration & Records

How Do I....?

Instructions to:  Look up Open Class Sections

Go to: Your e-Services Student Account.  
You will need your StarID and password.


  1. Login.

  2. The Dashboard is your student account home page. Be sure to review any Action Items that you have listed.

  3. Select: Courses & Registration (left Menu) to display blue drop down choices in this section.

  4. Select: Search for a Course (Left Menu).

  5. From the drop downs, choose College/University, Campus, Semester, and Subject.  Entering Course Number and/or Course ID# will narrow your search.

  6. The "Display" selection defaults to "Open + Waitlist Eligible Courses."  You may select "Open Courses Only" or "All Courses."

  7. If needed, you may open "Expand/Collapse for Advanced Search" and complete information to further narrow your search.

  8. Presss "Search" button to display course(s). 

  9. Choose the "+/Add" button to the left of the course(s) for which you wish to register.  The course/s will be added to your "Wish List."

  10. Choose "Equivalent" to search for course equivalents at other Minnesota Colleges and Universities.

  11. Near the top of the screen, the number of courses in your Wish List will be displayed along with courses on the Wait List or those already registered.

  12. To search again, choose "Search" on the upper left of the screen. 

  13. To view courses in your Wish List, choose "Continue to Review My Plan" on the upper right.

  14. The course(s) you selected will appear near bottom of screen. Verify.  Enter your password and press "Register" button to confirm and process your registration.

    Important note: If you put courses in your wish list, the courses you have selected will not be held/reserved for you - you will not be guaranteed a seat in the selected courses. Registration occurs only when you select courses in your Wish List, proceed to Register, and pressing "Register" button on the next screen.

  15. To return to your Wish List, select:  Review My Plan (Left Menu).  To remove courses, select (check) courses to be removed and press the "Remove Selected Couse(s) from Wish List" button.

  16. Logout.


Need additional help?
Choose "Home" in the left menu and locate the "Help Videos" section at the right of the screen.