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Management Education Programs

Lamb and Wool Management

sheep homeCourses:
Introduction to Sheep Management (Home Study)
Lambing Time Management Series (Recorded Presentations)
Lambing Time Short Course & Bus Tour
Sheep Management Courses (Online)
2018 Sheep Facility Tour - Register today
Sheep for Profit School - Next offering Summer 2019

Lamb and Wool Management, Diploma - 30 credits

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Campus & Lodging Infomation
Enterprise Analysis
Holaway Memorial Awards
History of Lamb and Wool Management (Pipestone Sheep)
Management Wheel
Member Producer Program

The Pipestone Lamb and Wool Management Program is
a sheep management education/consulting program offered by Minnesota West Community & Technical College located at Pipestone, Minnesota.

The program's goal is to help sheep producers increase income and profit through the production of quality lamb and wool by maximizing the profit per ewe and by realizing the full potential of all sheep through use of
modern management practices, new technologies, and new approaches to marketing both lamb and wool.

The Pipestone System of sheep production revolves around lowest cost feed ingredients, efficient labor use, low input costs, high production levels, and intensive management. The management system is based on
achieving optimum production of a quality product. Maximum profit is more important than maximum production.

Instructors in the program work with sheep producers in the Pipestone area and around the world through the Member Producer Program, newsletters, short courses, tours, and online courses.

Contact Us
Lamb and Wool Management Program
Pipestone Campus
1314 North Hiawatha
P. O. Box 250
Pipestone, Minnesota 56164