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Industry Centers

Center of Energy

Minnesota West Community & Technical College together with St. Cloud Technical and Community College are the lead institutions charged to bring together a collaboration of Minnesota Colleges and Universities institutions, and other regional land grant universities, school districts, business, industry, government, professional associations and community partners in a state-wide initiative. This initiative is in response to the energy workforce needs identified by Minnesota employers.

The Center of Energy is charged with coordinating collaborative projects and activities around the four workforce themes that emerged from the listening sessions:

  1. Improve connections for businesses to communicate their need for prepared college and university graduates.

  2. Coordinate business and higher education collaboration to support educational opportunities for K-12 students to learn more about industry.

  3. Assess and develop industry (career) pathways to increase student program completion and program efficiencies.

  4. Revise curriculum and programs to address the occupational-specific and nontechnical skills desired by employers.

For more information, contact:

Bruce Peterson, Dean of Minnesota Energy Enterprise

Rose Patzer, Program Coordinator
Minnesota West Community & Technical College