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Telecommunications, A.A.S.


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The Telecommunications A.A.S. degree includes all of the course work of the Telecommunications Certificate. This degree expands on the knowledge learned in the Telecom certificate program  and is designed to be completed in four semesters.  It covers advanced routing and wide area network concepts and advanced Telecommunication concepts and field experience. In addition, students will complete 15 credits of general education in the Minnesota transfer curriculum and will be awarded an A.A.S. or Associate of Applied Science degree. Telecommunications Technicians are responsible for high-speed communication networks and digital communication through fiber optic cables and wireless network access. Telecommunications Technicians install, maintain, and repair telecommunications equipment.

  Fall Year 1  
Information Technology Concepts 2
Command Line Interface (CLI) 1
Data Security Awareness 1
Introduction to Networking 3
PC Maintenance & Repair Hardware 3
Telecommunications I 3

Fall Year 1 Credits 13

Spring Year 1  
Operating Systems 3
Routers and Switches 3
Structured Communications Systems 3
Information Technology Customer Service 2
Fundamentals of Wireless Networking 3
Composition I 3
  Spring Year 1 Credits 17

Fall Year 2  
Convergence Technologies 3
Advanced Routing 4
Electrical Theory I/Lab 3
  General Education Electives 6

Fall Year 2 Credits 16

Spring Year 2  
Broadband Technology 3
Advanced Telecommunications 3
Virtual Computing 2

General Education Electives 6
  Spring Year 2 Credits 14


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