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Academic Programs

Small Business Management, Diploma

Locations: Canby, Granite Falls, Jackson, Pipestone,
and Worthington.
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The Minnesota Small Business Management Education Program is concerned with the organization of an entrepreneur's resources in such a way as to assist the family in meeting their family and business goals. Often these goals involve generating new profit. Good management requires a sound knowledge of economic principles because they are the framework for small business operation and organization. Good management ties all perspective, showing the relationship of all parts to one another, and to the whole small business. Management must understand various alternatives that can be used in decision making. Small business management instruction is concerned with the development of an entrepreneur's knowledge of economic principles and with the decision-making process. 

Prerequisites: To be eligible for enrollment in Small Business Management courses, the student must be a small business operator or must secure the consent of the instructor.

Organization Planning 2
Business Systems 3
Financial Systems 3
Financial Management 3
Financial Analysis 3
Marketing Systems 3
Marketing Management 2
  Electives 20


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