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Academic Programs

Plumbing Technology, A.A.S.  Not accepting applications at this time.


Locations:  Pipestone. Links to: 
Faculty/Program webpage

The Plumbing Technology Program prepares students for work in all phases of plumbing using a variety of hand and power tool skills. Course work includes training in assembly, installation and repair of pipes, fittings and fixtures which make up water supply or waste disposal systems. Minnesota State plumbing apprenticeship and other certification is attained upon completion of the program.

The Plumbing Technology graduate studies building plans and working drawings to determine work aids and plans the sequence of installation according to print specifications and codes.

The majority of plumbers enter the trade as apprentices, working toward journeyman and master status in residential, commercial and industrial work. Plumbers work in various sized shops in many communities and employment exists nationwide.

Composition I 3
Issues in the Environment 3
Intro to Probability & Statistics 4
Introduction to Speech 3
ECON 1101 Introduction to Economics OR 3
Principles of Macroeconomics OR 3
Principles of Microeconomics 3
Introduction to Business 4
Introduction to Microcomputers 3
Code 4
Plumbing Installation 3
Introduction to Plumbing 3
Plumbing Welding 3
Plumbing Piping Water 3
Plumbing Piping Fuels/Air 2
Blueprint and Estimate 2
Sewage Disposal and Survey 2
Plumbing Pipefitting 3
Plastic Installation 3
Water Treatment Methods/Codes 2
PLMB 1175 Special Problems 2
  General Education Electives

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