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Medical Assistant, A.A.S.


Locations: Luverne
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Medical assistants help physicians examine and treat patients, as well as perform routine tasks needed to keep an office running efficiently. In small practices, medical assistants handle both clerical and clinical duties and report directly to the office manager or physician. Those employed in large practices tend to specialize in a particular area under the supervision of department administrators. Clerical duties may include patient scheduling, receptionist duties, medical record management, office correspondence, medical insurance procedures, and management of office accounts, fees, and collections. Clinical duties may include interviewing patients, patient education, taking vital signs, preparing patients for examination and assisting the physician during exams, performing routine laboratory testing and electrocardiography, sterilizing instruments, and administering medications.

Students enrolling in the medical assistant program must possess a high school diploma or GED. Prior to participating in the clinical practicum, students must submit health information and evidence of valid CPR/First Aid certification. Successful completion of all required program courses and general education courses with a grade of C or better is necessary to graduate.

Students in the medical assistant program will undergo a background study as required by Minnesota law.

Graduates of the Minnesota West medical assistant program are eligible to earn certification by taking the American Association of Medical Assistant's Certification Exam.

  General Education Requirements:  
Principles of Biology OR 4
Human Biology 3
Developmental Psychology 3
Introduction to Sociology 3
  Humanities Elective (Recommend PHIL 2101)
  General Education Electives 3-4
  Total Electives
Medical Office Procedures I 3
Medical Terminology or 2
Medical Terminology Healthcare 2
AHA CPR Healthcare Provider, AED First Aid Certification 1
Composition I 3
Body Structure and Function 3
Intro to Med Lab Science 3
Clinical Procedures I 3
Basic Math (If needed) (1)
  Fall Credits 18
Medical Insurance & Reimbursement 3
Medical Office Procedures II 3
Disease Conditions 3
Laboratory Skills 3
Clinical Procedures II 4
Pharmacology 3
  Spring Credits 19
MEDA 2139 Professional Integration 1
Medical Assistant Practicum 6


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