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Liberal Arts, A.A.


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The Liberal Arts Program leads to a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. The following outline should be used as a guide for students seeking a broad and general foundation in the arts and sciences during the first two years. This program will provide the student an opportunity to test several occupational areas before making a final decision by acquainting him/her with all the basic fields of human knowledge. The program outlined will meet the requirements for the Associate of Arts Degree and Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC).

The Associate of Arts degree can be used to fulfill the freshman-sophomore general education requirements at all state universities and most four-year colleges and universities in other states. The degree is the basic graduation award toward which most students will work if they intend to transfer. It emphasizes a broad general education. A year of world languages may be required at some schools in some majors. In order to obtain an Associate in Arts degree, students must complete the following uniform requirements:

ENGL 1101 Composition 3
  Hum Electives* 9
  Free Elective 4
  General Education Electives 7
 ENGL 1102 Composition II OR ENGL 2243 OR ENGL 2276 3
  Total Credit for Year 1 32-33
 SPCH 1101 Introduction to Speech OR 3
SPCH 1103 Interpersonal Communications 3
  MATH/PHIL 1200 3-5
  SOC SCI Electives* 9
  Free Electives** 6-10
  Fulfill a minimum of 4 credits from two of the three areas.  HLTH 1101, CSCI 1102, or any Physical Education course. 4
Total Credits for Year 2 32



STSK 1110 Freshman Seminar (1) credit is required.

Fulfill a minimum of 4 credits from two of the three areas.  HLTH 1101, CSCI 1102, or any Physical Education course.


* Students should choose courses that will meet humanities and social sciences requirements as well as the "Themes" of Gender Education; Diversity; Global Perspective; Ethical and Civic Responsibility; and the Environment to maximize their electives.

** Students may select courses in business, agriculture, human services, computer science, health, or physical education.

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