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Law Enforcement Corrections, A.A.


Locations:  Worthington. Links to:
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Students planning to pursue the Associate of Arts degree option will attend Minnesota West for two years and upon completion of a liberal arts degree, transfer on to a four year college or university. Students who pursue the Associate in Arts degree do not participate in Skills training. This degree option is suitable for students who are not seeking immediate employment in the law enforcement field.

An Associate in Arts degree will prepare you for employment in the following career fields:  FBI, ATF, DEA or Criminal Justice. This program meets the MnTC and the Associate of Arts requirements.

Composition I 3
Composition: Technical Writing or 3
Composition II or 3
Composition: Creative Writing 3
Introduction to Speech 3
Human Biology OR 3
Principles of Biology 4
  CHEMISTRY OR PHYSICS (choose 1 course) 3-4
  MATH 1105 or higher OR PHIL 1200 Logic 3-4
Introduction to Sociology 3
Introduction to Psychology 4
American Government and Politics OR 3
State and Local Government 3
Introduction to Ethical Theory 1
General Applied Ethics 1
  Humanities Electives Chosen From 2 Different Areas: 7
Developmental Psychology 3
Issues in the Environment 3
  Electives To Total 60 Credits. Suggested Electives Include:  
First Responder Basic 2
Drugs, Society, and the Individual 3
Law Enforcement Orient/Practicum 1
Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
Criminal Law 3
Cyber Crimes 2
Homeland Security & Terrorism 2
Minnesota Criminal Code 2
Minnesota Traffic Code 2
Juvenile Justice Procedures 3
CSI, MN (Basic Criminal Forensics) 3
Psychology of Law Enforcement 3
Community Leadership 2
Juvenile Delinquency 3
Conversational Spanish for Law Enforcement 1


STSK 1110 Freshman Seminar (1) credit is required.

Fulfill a minimum of 4 credits from two of the three areas.  HLTH 1101, CSCI 1102, or any Physical Education course.

Updated: si 4/30/14