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Law Enforcement, A.A.S.


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The Law Enforcement program is designed with a set of core courses, which have been designed to be flexible and to assist students in preparing for a variety of careers in Law Enforcement. The Law Enforcement program being offered at Minnesota West will provide persons in southwest Minnesota the opportunity to complete a quality peace officer training program without having to leave the area. The curriculum has been designed in collaboration with the Minnesota Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Board learning objectives and is Minnesota POST Board approved. Students will have the option to pursue licensure and begin their career upon completing the Associate in Applied Science degree. A separate application is required for admission into the Law Enforcement Program.

The curriculum has been designed in collaboration with other programs to meet the "learning objectives" approved by the board and based on the following subject areas:

  1. History and overview of the criminal justice system.
  2. Minnesota Statute law.
  3. Criminal law and criminal procedures.
  4. Juvenile justice system and procedures.
  5. Patrol procedures.
  6. Criminal investigation and testifying.
  7. Human behavior and crisis intervention.
  8. Defensive tactics and use of force.
  9. Cultural awareness and response to crime victims.

  Fall - Year 1  
Introduction to Sociology OR 3
Social Problems 3
Introduction to Psychology 4
Minnesota Criminal Code 3
Conversational Spanish 2
Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
Physical Fitness for Law Enforcement 3
  Credits Fall - Year 1 18
  Spring - Year 1  
Composition I 3
First Responder Basic 2
Diversity - Community Policing - Victimization 4
Criminal - Constitutional Law 3
Juvenile Justice Law 3
Introduction to Speech 3
  Credits Spring - Year 1 18
  Summer - Year 1  
  Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC) 0
  Fall - Year 2  
Police Report Writing - Employment Prep 3
Firearms - Patrol Operations 4
Applied Procedures - Civil Process 3
LAWE 2310 Use of Force 4
LAWE 2330 Communication - Relations 4
  Credits Fall - Year 2 18
  Spring - Year 2  
Criminal Investigations - Evidence Collection 4
Accident Investigation - Radar-Radio-DUI Enforcement 4
Tactical Management 4
Police Leadership - Ethics 3
Traffic Law - Traffic Stops 3
  Credits Spring - Year 2 18

Updated: si 7/14/16