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Lamb and Wool Management, Diploma

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The Lamb and Wool Management Program is concerned with developing the sheep enterprise operators ability to organize and manage resources to meet family and business goals. Good management requires a sound knowledge of economic and scientific principles because they are the framework for a profitable sheep enterprise. Good management provides a perspective that considers the relationship of all parts to the whole farm business. Good sheep management requires knowledge of sheep production practices and animal science, as well as new technology developments in the field. The Lamb and Wool Management Program is concerned with the development of a person's knowledge of economic, management, and scientific principles and using them in a profit oriented decision making process that enables them to meet their goals.

Prerequisites: To be eligible for enrollment in Lamb and Wool Management courses a student must be a sheep producer or must secure the consent of the instructor.

Program Delivery: Curriculum is delivered through a combination of classroom, lab, on-farm instruction and individual instruction. This option is available only for students within 125 miles of Pipestone, Minnesota or through permission of the instructor.

Non-degree seeking students can view distance delivered and short course offerings on the Lamb and Wool Faculty webpage.

Introduction to Sheep Management 1
Sheep Management Concepts 2
Pasture & Grazing Management 1
Predator Control Methods 2
Sheep Genetic Concepts 2
Genetic Selection Methods 1
Sheep Behavior & Handling Methods 1
Equipment and Facilities 2
Sheep Diseases 3
Preventative Health Programs 1
Basic Lamb Care Skills 1
Basic Sheep Care Skills 1
Lamb Marketing 2
Sheep Quality Assurance 1
Nutrition Requirements 2
Ewe Ration Formulation 1
Sheep Reproduction 2
Reproductive Management 1
Wool Characteristics 2
Wool Harvesting, Marketing, and Processing 1


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