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Home Economics (Human Ecology), A.A.


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There are many programs available in the field of home economics: costume design, dietetics, fashion merchandising, food service, home management, textiles and clothing, foods in business, community nutrition, etc. Each has different requirements. Because of this diversity, it would be misleading to list absolute requirements for all home economics programs. At Worthington, it is possible to take at least one, and more often, two years of courses required for any of the home economics programs. Be sure to check with the counseling office to ensure that you are getting the appropriate courses for your major and transfer institution.

You are strongly encouraged to earn the Associate of Arts degree and meet the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) requirement if attending the University of Minnesota or a state university. The two-year program outlined below meets these requirements. Students interested in this degree should choose the Liberal Arts major on the application.

Composition I 3
College Algebra 3
Pre-Calculus 4
Inorganic Chemistry I 4
Inorganic Chemistry II 4
Fundamentals of Physics I 4
Fundamentals of Physics II 4
Dimensions of Community/Public Health 3
Art Appreciation 3
Enjoying Music or 3
Introduction to Theater 3
Composition II or 3
Composition: Technical Writing or 3
Composition: Creative Writing 4
Principle of Biology 3
Introduction to Ethical Theory 1
General Applied Ethics 1
Introduction to Sociology or 3
Social Problems or 3
Marriage and the Family or 3
Family Life Dynamics 3
Introduction to Psychology 4
Introduction to Speech 3
Issues in the Environment or 3
Introduction to Physical Geography 4
Environmental Politics 3
Principles of Macroeconomics 3
Principles of Microeconomics 3
Organic Chemistry I 5
Organic Chemistry II 5
  Humanities Electives 4


STSK 1110 Freshman Seminar (1) credit is required.

Fulfill a minimum of 4 credits from two of the three areas.  HLTH 1101, CSCI 1102, or any Physical Education course.

* Depends on transfer institution and area of specialization
** Depend on high school preparation

Updated: si 4/30/14