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Fluid Power Technology, A.A.S.

 Not Taking Applications - See Mechatronics, A.A.S.

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Fluid power is the technology of generating, controlling, and applying smooth, effective power of pumped or compressed fluid, either a liquid (hydraulics) or air (pneumatics) to push, pull, rotate, regulate, or drive virtually all of the mechanisms of modern industry. 

Fluid Power Technicians perform such tasks as:

  • Designing fluid power systems.
  • Installing fluid power systems and components, such as pumps, motors, compressors, valves, cylinders, and accessories.
  • Troubleshooting and maintaining fluid power systems on such equipment as industrial machines, construction and agricultural machines, airplanes, ships, over-the-road vehicles and material handling devices.
  • Testing and manufacturing fluid power systems and components.
  • Conducting research on new concepts, applications, and improvements of fluid power systems.
  • Manufacturing components and systems.
  • Marketing and selling fluid power systems, working closely with customers of fluid power manufacturers and distributors.
  Fall - Year 1  
Electrical Theory I/Lab 3
Hydraulic Theory 4
Fluid Power Hydraulic Lab 3
Fluid Power Calculations 2
Auto Cad 2
  Credits Fall - Year 1 14
  Spring - Year 1  
Pneumatics Theory 3
Electrical Theory II 2
Electromechanical theory 2
Fluid Power Lab II 3
  Credits Spring - Year 1 10
  Fall - Year 2  
Advanced Systems Calculations 3
Advanced system Lab I 4
Circuit Design and Control Theory 3
Programmable Logic Controls 3
  Credits Fall - Year 2 13
  Spring - Year 2  
Systems analysis 4
Advanced Systems Lab II 4
Proportional and Servo Control Theory 2
Second Year Technical Projects 2
  Credits Spring - Year 2 12
  Technical Electives 5
  General Education 18
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