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Engineering, A.S


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Engineering programs prepare graduates to do research and to design and develop new technologies and devices. Engineering technology programs prepare graduates to apply engineering knowledge and methods along with technical skills. Engineering technologists often translate and apply engineering research in real world applications.

The engineering program at Minnesota West-Worthington campus is designed to fulfill the major requirements of lower division engineering programs at transfer universities. This program meets the Associate in Science requirements but does not meet the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum.

For most fields of engineering, the first two years of the program provide students with a needed foundation in math and science. In addition, students begin fulfilling general education requirements for graduation. Actual specialization in such fields as computer, agricultural, aeronautical, chemical, civil, geological, material processing, electrical, mechanical and industrial engineering generally begins in the junior year.

In an effort to meet the needs of each student, Minnesota West-Worthington campus offers three engineering tracks, each allowing graduates to transfer as juniors.

General Inorg Chemistry I 4
Principles of Macroeconomics 3
Composition I 3
Technical Writing 3
Intro Engineering 1
Engineering Mechanics-Statics 3
Engineering Mechanics-Dynamics 3
Intro to Physical Geography 4
Western Civilization 3
Calculus I 4
Calculus II 4
Calculus III 4
Differential Equations 3
Ethics Theory & Practices 3  
Business Ethics 2
General Physics I and Laboratory 5
General Physics II and Lab 5
Introduction to Speech 3

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