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Academic Programs

Electric Utility Substation Technology, A.A.S.


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Curriculum includes extensive hands-on practice and theory in single and three phase metering, overcurrent and complex relaying, single-and-three phase transformers, regulators, capacitors, generation, transmission, distribution and many other subjects.

Career opportunities include installing and calibrating electrical watt-hour meters, planning and working in electrical substations, testing and installing high voltage and high current relays used in transmission and distribution lines, electrical dispatcher, or a power plant maintenance technician.

  Fall - Year 1  
Electric Circuit Fundamentals 3
Electric Circuit Fundamentals Lab 3
Blueprint, Schematics and Transit 3
College Algebra or higher 3
Safety Principles & OSHA  1
Specifications, Testing and Maintenance 2
  Credits Fall - Year 1 15
  Spring - Year 1  
Transformer Banking I 3
Generation, Transmission and Distribution 3
Intro to Microcomputers 3
  General Education
  Credits Spring - Year 1 16
  Fall - Year 2  
Transformer Banking II 2
Reclosures and Protective Equipment 2
Protective Relays 2
Electric Motor Controls I 4
Composition I 3
  Humanities 3
  Credits Fall - Year 2 16
  Spring - Year 2  
Metering I 3
Regulators and Capacitators 2
Electric Motors Control II 4
Programmable Logic Controllers 4
  Credits Spring - Year 2 13

* Humanities Electives from the following:
Art, Foreign Language, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Theatre, Western Civilization
** General Education Electives from:
English, Biology, Chemistry, Philosophy, Theatre, Western Civilization,Economics, Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology

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