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Computer Support Technician, Diploma

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Computer support technicians solve software and hardware problems, set up computer systems, install new software and hardware, train users, and maintain networks. Support technicians may work directly with computer users in person or provide support over the phone through a help desk. This major provides hands-on training in computer operating system operation, the use of application software, network administration and installation, software installation and removal, computer maintenance and repair, hardware installation, and help desk skills. This training provides the students with practical knowledge needed to solve computer problems.

Accuplacer test scores determine placement in Math and English courses and may require additional courses to be completed.

  Fall - Year 1  
Command Line 1
Unix Operating System 3
Data Security Awareness 1
Introduction to Networking 3
CST 2110 PC Maintenance and Repair Hardware 3
  General Education Electives(math 0098 Or Engl 0090 If Needed) 3
  Credits Fall - Year 1
  Spring - Year 1  
Operating Systems 3
Introduction to Information Security 3
PC Maintenance & Repair Software 3
Information Technology Customer Service 2
Composition I 3
Technical Education Electives  3
  Credits Spring - Year 1
  Fall - Year 2  
Routers and Switches 3
Windows Client/Server Administration 4
  Technical Education Electives 3
  General Education Electives 4
  Credits Fall - Year 2
  Spring - Year 2  
Fundamentals of Wireless Networking 3
Computer Technology Capstone 2
Technical Education Electives: 10
  Credits Spring - Year 2

Other electives may be accepted with advisor approval.
Updated: si 10/9/15