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Computer Support - Computer Maintenance & Repair, Certificate


Locations:  Granite Falls, Jackson. Links to:
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Students in the Computer Maintenance and Repair certificate receive training in administrating, installing and configuring computers; installing, implementing and utilizing software; and upgrading and troubleshooting personal computer hardware. This program provides training in personal computer (PC) maintenance and repair, operating systems, including Windows and DOS, and help desk etiquette. This program is designed to prepare the students for CompTIA‚Äôs A + certification. A successful graduate will be prepared to work in the fields of PC maintenance and repair, help desk and software support.  Computer Careers Department Disclosure:  Due to scheduling, the courses that satisfy this certificate are not guaranteed to be offered withhin one year.

CST 1101 Information Technology Concepts 2
Command Line 1
Desktop Virtualization 1
Data Security Awareness 1
Introduction to Networking OR 3
CST 1195 Network Basics 2
PC Maintenance & Repair Hardware 3
  Technical Electives 3 or 4
  Fall Credits 14
Operating Systems 3
Unix Operating Systems 3
PC Maintenance & Repair Software 3
Information Technology Customer Services 2
  Technical Electives 5
  Spring Credits 16


Choose Technical Electives from: ADSA, CST, ACCT, CSCI.

Updated: si 3/8/17