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Computer Engineering Technology, Diploma


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The Computer Engineering Technology program prepares individuals to apply basic engineering principles and technical skills in designing and developing computer systems and installations. Includes instruction in computer electronics and programming, prototype development and testing, systems installation and testing, peripheral equipment, and report preparation.

CSCI 1102  Introduction to Microcomputers 3
File Structures 3
Introduction to Networking 3
General Education or Related Electives 3
  Credits Fall - Year 1 12
  Spring - Year 1
CST 2224  Windows Client/Server Admin 4
Operating Systems 3
  General Education or Related Electives 3
  Credits Spring - Year 1 10
  Fall - Year 2
 CST 2110 PC Maintenance and Repair Hardware 3
Electrical Circuits Fundamentals 3
Electrical Circuits Fundamentals Lab 3
Technical Electives 3
  Credits Fall - Year 2 12
  Spring - Year 2
Visual Basic Programming 4
PC Maintenance and Repair Software 3
Basic Digital Circuits 3
General Education or Related Electives 4
  Credits Spring - Year 2 14


General Education or Related-10 credits would include the following classes:

English, Biology, Chemistry, Math above 1000 level, Physics, Natural Science, Art, Foreign Language, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Theater, Western Civilization, Economics, Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology.

Human Relations 2
Job Seeking Skills 1

For 4 credits of suggested Electives, choose from the following:

College Keyboarding I 3
Word Processing I 2
Presentation Graphics 2
Web Page Concept 2
Basic Telecommunications 3

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