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Academic Programs

Carpentry, A.A.S.  Not accepting applications at this time.


Locations:  Pipestone.

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Minnesota West’s two-year Carpentry A.A.S. Degree or Diploma prepares you for a career as a carpenter in residential and commercial construction. In this program you will also study the concept of green building.  Green building is a growing trend among home builders nationwide and incorporates a whole building design approach into every phase of the building process, including design, construction, energy, water efficiency, lot development, resource efficient building design to enhance the well-being of occupants, and to minimize negative impacts on the community and natural environment.

Students interested in this program should like to work outdoors, have an interest in doing hands-on work with common building materials, possess good problem solving skills, have strong math skills, and have a healthy work ethic. Most importantly, students should have the desire to learn and expand their knowledge of the construction industry.

  Fall - Year 1  
CRPT 1101
Tool Safety, Construction Terms & Materials 2
CRPT 1105
Floor and Wall Framing 4
CRPT 1118
Roof Framing 2
CRPT 1135
Exterior Finishing Wall & Roof Covering 2
CRPT 1155
Building Science 2
MATH 1107  Concepts in Math or MATH 1111 College Algebra 3.
  Credits Fall - Year 1 15
  Spring - Year 1  
CRPT 1132
Interior Finish I 4
CRPT 1142
Blueprint Reading, Estimating and Project Planning 4
CRPT 2271
Construction Drafting and Design 2
ENGL 1101
English Composition 3
  Credits Spring - Year 1 13
  Fall - Year 2  
CRPT 2240
Framing II 4
CRPT 2220
Advanced Concrete Technology 5
CRPT 2237
Exterior Finish & Shingling 4
NSCI 1100
Issues in the Environment 3
  Credits Fall - Year 2 16
  Spring - Year 2  
CRPT 2265
Interior finish II 3
CRPT 2255
Cabinetmaking 5
CRPT 2270
Construction Business Management 2
ECON 1101
Introduction to Economics 3
  Credits Spring - Year 2 13
  General Education 3


Updated: si 5/2/11