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Biofuels Technology, A.A.S

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Biofuel Technicians will be trained for entry into the agricultural processing plant industry, which converts crops such as corn, soybeans, alfalfa, and sugar beets into products and by-products such as ethanol, soy oil, corn syrup, starch, carbon dioxide, and bulk/bagged sugar.

Today's processing plants are highly technical and completely automated, and the Biofuel Technicians have an enormous amount of responsibility to ensure that the plant continues to operate in the most efficient and economical way possible. To do so, the technician needs to be conversant in mechanical and instrumentation basics, chemical and microbiological processes, safety fundamentals, and process optimization techniques.

Fall - Year 1
Mechanical Fundamentals for Process Controls 3
P & ID, PFD Reading 1
Pollution Control Fundamentals 2
Introduction to OSHA 1
Ethanol Process Fundamentals 2
Ethanol Process Fundamentals Lab 1
Boiler Systems 1
Technical Electives (must Be Approved By Advisor) 3
Credits Fall - Year 1 14
Spring - Year 1
Ethanol Separation Technology 2
Principles of Biology 4
Composition I 3
College Algebra 3
Social Science Elective 3
Credits Spring - Year 1 15
Fall - Year 2
Process Dynamics 3
Microbial Ecology 2
Microbial Ecology Lab 1
Biodiesel Fundamentals 2
Biodiesel Fundamentals Lab 1
Hydraulic Theory 4
General Education Elective 3
Credits Fall - Year 2 16
Spring - Year 2
Instrumentation & Control 3
Process Optimization Lab 2
Biodiesel Technologies & Regulatory Issues 2
Distillation & Evaporation Theory Lab 2
Seminar 1
Process Chemistry 2
Industrial Water Treatment 2
Instrumentation Control Lab 1
Credits Spring - Year 2 15
Approved Technical Electives:
Wind Energy Fundamentals 3
Pneumatics and Accessories Theory 3
Data Security Awareness 1
Introduction to Traditional and Renewable Energy 3
Company Internship 4
Introduction to Microcomputers 3
Electromechanical Theory 2

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