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Academic Programs

Automotive Technology, A.A.S.

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The automotive technician inspects, tests and diagnoses vehicles to determine necessary maintenance and repair. They drive vehicles analyzing specific systems such as: the brakes system, suspension system, and transmission/driveline systems. They also analyze engines for cylinder compression and fuel consumption, while listening for sounds indicative of malfunctions.

The automotive technician uses advanced diagnostic data to perform all maintenance and repairs. Using micrometers, calipers and thickness gauges, the technician can measure a component for excessive wear.  Specific components are often disassembled for further inspection and evaluation; these components include the engine, transmission and differential. See information on required Automotive Tool List.

  Fall - Year 1  
Introduction to Transportation 2
Electrical 4
Air Conditioning 2
Advanced Heating & Air Conditioning 2
Engine Performance I 2
  General Education 4
  Credits Fall - Year 1 16
  Spring - Year 1  
Steering and Alignment 4
Brakes 4
Engine Technology & Lab 5
  General Education 4
  Credits Spring - Year 1 17
  Summer - Year 1  
  Fall - Year 2  
Automatic Transmissions 5
Manual Drive Train & Axles 5
AUTO 2108 Introduction to Hybrid Electric Vehicles 3
  General Education 4
  Credits Fall - Year 2 17
  Spring - Year 2  
Engine Performance II 5
Advance Engine Performance III 5
Body Computer Controlled Electrical Systems 5
AUTO 2155 Introduction to Diesel Electronics 4
  General Education 3
  Credits Spring - Year 2 22

Elective:  AUTO 2190  Summer Internship (after 2nd semester) 4-6 credits

Updated:  si 5/16/17