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Academic Programs

Certificate - Career Programs

The technical and career programs are designed to provide training for employment in technical and semiprofessional job situations. You will earn the Associate in Applied Science, a Diploma or a Certificate in career programs. Although the courses are designed as career programs, some of the courses may transfer to four-year colleges and universities should you later decide to continue your education.

Advanced Farm Business Management
Applications in Farm Business Management
Automotive Advanced Engine Performance & Electrical
Automotive Drivetrain Systems
Automotive Engine Repair & Electrical
Biofuels Technology Biodiesel
Biofuels Technology Ethanol
Child Development
Community Health Worker  
(Computer) Applications Specialist
(Computer) CISCO Networking
(Computer) Desktop Support Specialist
(Computer Information Security Administration
(Computer) Information Security Management
(Computer) IT Workplace Assistant
(Computer) IT Workplace Specialist
(Computer) Programmer Specialist
Computer Specialist
Computer Support - Computer Maintenance & Repair
(Computer) Information Technology
(Computer) Technology Workplace Ready
(Computer) Telecommunications
(Computer) Webpage Design Assistant
Cosmetology - Esthetician
Cosmetology - Manicurist
Cosmetology - Nail Technician
Diesel - Advanced Diesel
Diesel - Basic Diesel
Diesel Powertrain and Hydraulics
Education Paraprofessional
Emergency Medical Services
Emergency Medical Technician
Essentials of Farm Business Management
Healthcare Supervision and Leadership
Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Technician
Industrial Technology
Manufacturing Production Technician
Mechatronics - Fluid Power Specialist
Precision Agriculture Application Technician 
Precision Machining
Solar Photovoltaic Technician
Supervisory Leadership in Management