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Minnesota West Policies

Chapter 7 - Finance

7.7 Grant Development

Grants are an important part of the growth and success of any college. However, grants can burden the financial and human resources of a college. Therefore, Minnesota West Community and Technical College will require grant originators to complete a Grant Sign-off Form in order for Minnesota West to be the fiscal agent or accept any financial responsibility associated with a grant.

Grants at Minnesota West should be directly related to the Mission and Goals of both the College and the Minnesota State colleges and universities as approved by the Board of Trustees. Further, potential grants need to be evaluated on their merit, the cost/benefit of implementing the grant and follow-up cost of maintaining the grant outcomes after the closure of the grant.

At the concept and submittal stage these will be the questions asked. The purpose of this policy/procedure is not intended to slow down the process of grant application, but rather coordinate individual grants with other grants and the on-going operation of Minnesota West.

Required Forms
Grant Sign-off/Description Form

Conflict of Interest for Federal Grants 
Daily Time and Effort Spreadsheet 
Financial Conflict of Interest 
Time and Effort Reporting Policy 
Quarterly Effort Certification

Approved by: Ron Wood, President
Date: Juy 1, 2003
History and Revision: Revised January 15, 2010