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Minnesota West Policies

Chapter 7 - Finance

7.20.1 Paper Charge Back Procedure

Cut paper is ordered once a year through a competitive purchase. The "normal" timeline that paper is delivered is between July 1 and August 15. The invoice follows shortly thereafter and is paid from the respective campus' cost center that's purpose is to be a clearing account for paper costs. These costs, in turn, must be charged to the campus' department or program cost center based on usage.

Auditron readings will be maintained on all copy machines that are capable of such documentation of use. A schedule will be compiled of all departments and the amount of copies made (paper used). As soon as practicable after the first of July, a per page paper charge will be distributed to the appropriate cost centers based on the prior year's usage. This rate will be the actual cost per page plus 10% loss cushion. This is necessary as all paper inventory cannot be accounted for.

Additionally, a check out system will be set up to monitor the usage of paper by the ream or case that is used by departments for printers, non auditron copy machines, etc. At least quarterly, this paper cost will be distributed to the appropriate department.

Each time a department is charged for paper costs, they will be notified. This is of utmost importance. The cost center used as a clearing account will be monitored throughout the year for reasonableness. Any excess costs or distributions may necessitate another clearing transaction.

Approved by: Ron Wood, President
Date: July 1, 2003
History & Revision: