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Minnesota West Policies

Chapter 6 - Facilities

6.20.3 Safety Committees


Minnesota West recognizes the necessity of an organized approach to promoting safety for staff, students and visitors on our campuses.

Minnesota West, through the office of the Director of Facilities, shall organize and support safety committees on each campus. The committee shall be comprised of members of the staff and student body appointed by the Campus Administrator, and will serve for one year. The Chairman of the committee shall be elected by the members of the committee and will serve as the campus representative on the College Safety Committee.

The goals of the Campus Safety Committee shall be:

  1. To insure that each facility complies with all applicable local, state and federal rules and regulations governing safety in the workplace, and public safety.
  2. To be responsible for the organization and promotion of safety awareness in-services at faculty, staff and student meetings throughout the year.
  3. To conduct random audits of various departments to look for and correct safety hazards.
  4. To investigate accidents and incidents that result in reportable injuries or illnesses to staff and students.
  5. To develop Emergency Preparedness Procedures specific to each campus.

The goals of the College Safety Committee shall be:

  1. To evaluate and recommend safety training programs for use on each campus.
  2. To coordinate the use of safety related resources between campuses.
  3. To assist in developing solutions to safety related problems and concerns.

Minnesota West shall maintain a membership in the Minnesota Safety Council and will make the training programs and seminars sponsored by this organization available to each campus.

Approved by: Ron Wood, President
Date: July 1, 2003
History & Revision: