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Minnesota West Policies

Chapter 5 - Administration

5.19 Travel Management

Minnesota West Community & Technical College shall follow the travel management policies adopted by the Board of Trustees of Minnesota State. These procedures provide standard guidelines and processes that shall be followed to fund authorized travel at state expense when such travel is necessary to conduct official business and to promptly reimburse employees for expenses incurred.

Each employee is responsible for complying with Minnesota State travel policy and procedures, the employee’s respective bargaining agreement or compensation plan, state laws, federal laws, and IRS guidelines and for accurately completing all required forms for reimbursement of authorized official business travel expenses. The employee's supervisor is responsible for reviewing and approving all travel requests and expenses.

Annually, the college will conduct a driver’s license record check pursuant to System Procedure Each campus shall designate an employee responsible for collecting and submitting information to the Department of Administration, Risk Management Division for review. Records of such reviews will be retained for seven years. Employees declared ineligible will be notified by Human Resources.

Minnesota West Driver’s License Record Check

Supporting References:
Board of Trustees Policy 5.19
Board of Trustees Procedure 5.19.3
System Guideline

Consent Form


Approved by: Richard Shrubb, President
Date: January 21, 2011

History & Revision: 
July 26, 2017 Minnesota State links