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Minnesota West Policies

Chapter 4 - Human Resources

4.14 Recruitment Travel Expense Reimbursement

As a rule, travel expenses related to interviewing for a position at the college are the responsibility of the candidate. On a discretionary basis, however, the college Administration may decide that it is necessary to provide travel expense reimbursement for the candidates of a specific search. The decision to reimburse for expenses will be determined prior to the beginning of each search process.


  1. Reimbursement will be made for Faculty and Administrator searches only. Any request to provide travel expenses on a specific search will be brought forward by the Search Committee Chair to the College Provost in the case of Faculty searches or to the College President in the case of Administrative searches. The request will be reviewed and a decision made by the President or designee. If approved, the conditions for the reimbursement of travel expenses must be applied uniformly and clearly communicated to all the candidates invited to interview at the time of the invitation. A maximum amount allowed will be established for each search.

  2. Telephone interviews, or other electronic media, should be utilized prior to campus interviews to reduce the size of the pool to a reasonable number of candidates for interview.

    Candidates who are offered a position, but do not accept the offer, will not be reimbursed for travel expenses up to the maximum established. Candidates, who are not offered the position, will be reimbursed for their documented expenses up to the maximum allowed as will the successful candidate.

    Total reimbursement will not exceed the dollar amount established for the interview travel expenses. Once approved, the college will reimburse travel expenses only for individuals who must travel over 150 miles to interview.

  3. Payment will be made on the basis of a purchase order. The candidate should provide receipts of expenses incurred to the Human Resource Department who will authorize payment to the candidate.

Approved by: Richard Shrubb, President
Date: July 1, 2003
History & Revision: 

Revision February 7, 2013 - update wording