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Minnesota West Policies

Chapter 3 - Educational

3.8 Complaint/Grievance

A student enrolled at Minnesota West Community and Technical College has the right to seek a remedy for a dispute or disagreement through a designated complaint or grievance procedure.  Students should use available informal means to have decisions reconsidered before filing a complaint or grievance. No retaliation of any kind shall be taken against a student for participation in a complaint or grievance. These procedures shall also protect data privacy rights. All complaints or grievances shall be attempted to be resolved quickly and at the lowest possible level.

Minnesota West Community and Technical College is part of the Minnesota State System of public two and four year institutions of higher education designated by Minnesota Statutes Chapter 136F and governed by the Board of Trustees of the Minnesota State. Minnesota West is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (HLC). If you wish to file a complaint about the college with the HLC, you may do so by contacting:

Higher Learning Commission
230 S. LaSalle St., Suite 7-500
Chicago, IL 60604-1413

If you have a complaint about the college we encourage you to utilize the institution’s Student Complaint and Grievance Process.

If your grievance involves a Board Policy, the actions of the college President, an issue of institutional or program quality such as an institution’s compliance with the standards of an accrediting or licensing agency, or a claim of consumer fraud or deceptive trade practices, you may appeal to the Office of the Chancellor pursuant to Minnesota State Board Policy 3.8 and System Procedure 3.8.1. The contact information for the Office of the Chancellor is:

Academic and Student Affairs
Office of the Chancellor
Wells Fargo Place
30 7th St. E., Suite 350
St. Paul, MN 55101-7804


A complaint is an oral claim by a student, group of students, or the student government regarding alleged improper, unfair, arbitrary or discriminatory treatment.

A grievance is a written claim raised by a student, alleging improper, unfair, arbitrary, or discriminatory action involving the application of a specific provision of the College or a procedure.

An appeal is a request for reconsideration of a complaint or grievance application of a policy or procedure.

Retaliation is any action taken against a student for participating in a complaint or grievance.

Student means an individual student, group of students, or the student government.  Grievance Report Forms.


Approved by: Richard Shrubb, President
Date: July 1, 2003
History & Revision: November 1, 2011 changes in language
Revision: July 25, 2017 Minnesota State