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Minnesota West Policies

Chapter 3 - Educational

3.18 Course Test-Out

It is the policy of Minnesota West Community and Technical College to award college credit to a student who completes and passes a Course Test-Out with Minnesota West Community and Technical College. Credit may be given for a specific college course if the Course Test-Out covers substantially similar material. Course Test-Out is not an option for students who desire to earn credit for courses previously attempted.

There is no limit to the total number of credits a student may earn through Course Test-Out. Credit earned through Course Test-Out are not resident credits and may not be used to satisfy resident credit requirements for graduation. Financial aid is not available for Course Test-Out credits. Transferability of Course Test-Out credits will be determined by the receiving institution. Students should contact an advisor for more information.

Approved by: Richard Shrubb, President
Date: April 4, 2014
History & Revision: