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Minnesota West Policies

Chapter 3 - Educational

3.17 Graduation Requirements
To establish a uniform and consistent means through which Minnesota West students make application and complete graduation requirements in a timely manner.

All Minnesota West Community & Technical College students must complete a graduation application form during the term that precedes their anticipated term of graduation. The Dean of Student Services is responsible for the development, implementation and oversight of all graduation procedures within Minnesota West.

  1. The registrar's office or registration secretary at each campus will review student records and generate a transcript for all students who may graduate during the following term.
    1. A transcript along with a graduation application and instructions will be forwarded to the student during the term preceding anticipated graduation.
    2. Students must schedule an appointment with their counselor or academic advisor to review their progress and determine courses that need to be taken during the last semester of enrollment to complete all graduation requirements.
    3. Each campus of Minnesota West has only one formal graduation ceremony during the spring of each academic year.
  2. Students must obtain a graduation application form during the term that precedes the term of graduation from the Student Services Department.

Approved by: Ron Wood, President
Date: July 1, 2003
History & Revision: September 1, 2017, removed graduation fee