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Minnesota West Policies

Chapter 2:  Students

2.8.2 Student Tuition Stipends


Stipends may be awarded to students that demonstrate outstanding leadership activities through Student Senate officer positions at each campus of Minnesota West. All stipends shall be awarded as credit reimbursements applied to tuition. Stipends shall be financed by the campus student life activity fee and allocated by the campus student senate members.

Each campus of Minnesota West  may award up to 6 tuition stipend credits each semester for a total of up to 12 stipend credits for the academic year. These tuition stipend credit reimbursements shall be awarded to students on a semester basis. The campus student senate shall award these stipends three weeks prior to the end of the semester upon the completion of a tuition stipend voucher submitted by each individual. Student Senate meeting minutes documenting approval is required to be attached to each Student Senate Stipend Voucher Form.

Stipend credits shall be distributed following the criteria listed below: Stipend recipients must obtain satisfactory academic progress, satisfactorily fulfill the commitments of the office and have the recommendation of the campus Student Senate Advisor. Students must be enrolled at Minnesota West for a minimum of six (6) credits for the term and have tuition charges that have not been waived through other methods.

  1. Unused stipend credit reimbursements shall not be carried forward.

  2. Stipend credits shall be awarded each semester in amounts determined by a majority vote of the Student Senate members. Amounts are as follows: 

    1. President - Up to two credits
    2. Vice-President - Up to one credit
    3. Secretary - Up to one credit
    4. Treasurer - Up to one credit
    5. Campus discretion - Up to one credit

Approved by: Ron Wood, President
Date: July 1, 2003
History & Revision: Editorial changes made January 21, 2011
Approved by:  Richard Shrubb, President
History & Revision: August 27, 2016
Approved by: Dr. Terry Gaalswyk, President