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Minnesota West Policies

Chapter 2:  Students

2.22 Student Internship

Minnesota West Community & Technical College recognizes the value of internships. An internship is a training and mentoring period in actual service or employment. Program content must be completed prior to an internship; it is, in the technical sense, a capstone experience for the academically qualified student, enhancing that student’s college experience.

Internships must be identified in the course program schedule. The instructor is responsible for defining the internship and appropriate credit assignment. The following components must be present:

  1. Written internship training agreement consisting of statements explaining the commitments of the participating student, instructor, college and site providers.
  2. A statement indicating that prerequisites to the internship have been completed.
  3. Written student guidelines outlining the learning activities which lead to learning outcomes. Competencies to be mastered should be listed. (Training Plan is to be shared with site provider and student).
  4. An evaluation form to be completed by site supervisor, submitted to the instructor.
  5. A weekly activity report submitted to the instructor by the student.
  6. A written schedule indicating when the instructor will complete site visits, provided to the site supervisor and student.
  7. A contract or grading scale shared with the student.
  8. A written summary (by the student) critiquing the experience.

Approved by: Ron Wood, President
Date: June 14, 1999
History & Revision: