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Minnesota West Policies

Chapter 2 - Students

2.20 Counseling Services

It is the policy of Minnesota West Community & Technical College that an advisor/advisee system is essential to the growth and development of each individual student. Each student will be assigned an advisor.

Going to college impacts students' lives and relationships and occasionally may result in stress and conflict. Counseling services are offered to students of the college at no cost. Counselors are available upon referral. Minnesota West Community and Technical College does have counselors available who can be called upon to referrals.  Counselors have experience in dealing with the following:

    1. Personal counseling.
    2. Assisting students with educational decisions and career planning.
    3. Career choice and program or major change.
    4. Interpersonal issues.
    5. Parenting concerns.
    6. Family adjustments when a parent or spouse returns to school.
    7. Referrals for educational assistance and/or evaluations.
    8. Referrals for drug, alcohol, and gambling concerns.

Student success is our goal.

Approved by: Ron Wood, President
Date: July 1, 2003
History & Revision: