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Minnesota West Policies

Chapter 2 - Students

2.1 Campus Student Association

In accordance with Minnesota State policy 2.1 Campus Student Associations, Minnesota West Community & Technical College recognizes the individual campus Student Senates as the official body for student representation on each campus.  Minnesota West has an all comers policy.  Consequently, all registered student organiztions must allow any interested student to participate, become a member, or seek leadershp positions in the organization, regardless of their status or beliefs.


The purpose of the Student Senate is to work to improve the quality of education and to assist in the development of student life activities.

  1. The Student Senate shall develop a constitution, which defines a fair selection process for student representatives and the ratification process for the student government.

  2. The campus Student Senate has the exclusive right to recommend to the College President, or his designee, the charting of student clubs or organizations for that particular campus.

  3. The Student Senate shall consider campus issues, state and national issues and/or legislative actions.

  4. Each Student Senate shall prepare an annual budget that will be presented to the College President for approval in the spring.


Approved by: Ron Wood, President
Date: July 1, 2003
History & Revision: November 2, 2012 included non-discrimination wording.
Revision: July 25, 2017 Minnesota State link