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Minnesota West Policies

Chapter 1 - General

1A.1   Policy on Policies

Minnesota West is authorized by the Board of Trustees to adopt suitable policies for the college. These policies are broad general directions used to govern the college.


  1. The Shared Governance Committee will review the request and decide if a proposal falls within the parameters of the Academic Affairs & Standards Council, which presently deals primarily with student issues and academic policies, or if the request should be forwarded to another committee to utilize their expertise and representation to draft the policy.
  2. When appropriate, input will be solicited from Academic Affairs & Standards Council and other college members prior to the final draft being sent to the Shared Governance Committee.
  3. The final draft of the policy should have a date and the source of origin included on the lower left hand corner of the page.
  4. The final draft should be returned to the Shared Governance Committee for final review. From there it will be forwarded to the President’s Executive Cabinet for final approval.
  5. Approved policies will be published so staff and faculty are aware of them prior to being printed in student/staff handbooks.
  6. Approved policies affecting students will be published under Student Information & Policies and copies of the policy disseminated through advisors.
  7. The Director of Human Resources will also receive a copy of the approved policies for inclusion in the staff handbook.

Periodic Review
The President or Designee shall establish procedures to ensure that each policy and procedure is reviewed at least once every five years. The policy or procedure shall be reviewed to determine whether it is needed, that it is current and complete, not duplicative of other policies, does not contain unnecessary reporting requirements or approval processes, and is consistent with style and format requirements

Approved by: Ron Wood., President
Date: July 1, 2003
History & Revision: January 21, 2011 switched Academic Affairs & Standards Council and Shared Governance Committee roles
Approved by: Richard G. Shrubb, Ph.D., President