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Workforce Development Scholarship Application

Application Instructions for Workforce Development Scholarship
Apply for the Workforce Development Scholarship by completing the online application below. Then press the Submit button to send your application to us.

Note: This scholarship application will also serve as your application for other 2018-2019 Minnesota West Foundation scholarships. You do not need to complete an additional scholarship application for those scholarships, unless a particular scholarship requires a letter of reference. View information about our Foundation scholarships.


Minnesota West Student ID OR StarID:(*)
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First Name:(*)
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Last Name:(*)
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High School name:(*)
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High School and/or community leadership positions and activities:
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Significant honors, awards, accomplishments that you have received academically or through community service involvement:
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Minnesota West program/major:(*)
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Do you expect to graduate at the end of this term:
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Planned level of enrollment in the upcoming term at Minnesota West:
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1. Describe your educational and career goals. Minimum 100 words.

Consider including the following:
   • Why did you choose your major/program?
   • What are your short-range and long-range educational goals?
   • What are your employment or career goals and how do they relate to your major/program?
   • If you are returning student, what accomplishments have you achieved related to your major?
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2.   Prepare a personal statement that includes the following: Minimum 100 words.

   • Any life experiences that have influenced your personal growth.
   • Your involvement in activities or in service to others.
   • Why our funders should be proud to invest in your education at Minnesota West.
   • Why you have a financial need for a Minnesota West scholarship.
   • What difficulties or challenges, if any, you have experienced, and how you have overcome those challenges in order to pursue your academic, career, and personal goals.
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By submitting my application, I attest to the following:
   • I certify that all information provided on this scholarship application is correct to the best of my knowledge.
   • I understand my application will not be considered if it is incomplete.
   • I understand by submitting my application, I authorize Minnesota West and the Minnesota West Foundation to any of my Minnesota West student information that may prove helpful in determining my eligibility.
   • If awarded a scholarship, I authorize Minnesota West to publicize my name and likeness and to share my scholarship application information with the scholarship donors.

*Questions with an asterisk (*) are required.

The more complete your application is, the better our scholarship committee will be able to evaluate your qualifications.