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Admitted Students

Assessment Information

All new students are required to take the Accuplacer assessment test before registering for classes unless they received a waiver by submitting other assessment results or official transcripts of previous college coursework.

The Accuplacer is a computerized assessment that provides information about your level of skill accomplishment in reading, English and math. It will ensure more accurate placement in appropriate course levels and help to determine whether strengthening English language skills is necessary to maximize the your academic success. The results of this assessent will help you and your counselor/advisor as you register for classes. You will receive the test results when you meet with your counselor or academic advisor. Review the Placement Score Requirements by Course and the Placement Grid for Accuplacer/ACT/MCA.

  • Tests are not timed so you can give each question as much thought as you wish. All questions are multiple choice. Most students complete the test within 1 1/2 to 2 hours.
  • The tests do not affect your admissions eligibility (unless you are a PSEO student).
  • There is no fee for the test. After taking the assessment test, you will be given information about orientation and registration.
  • To take the Accuplacer, choose a campus location from the Accuplacer Schedule. Most of the campuses require pre-registration.
  • On the day of the assessment, bring a picture ID and know your social security number.

Need help?

  • The Accuplacer Web-based Study App is now free. This study tool will help you become familiar with the style and content of questions on Accuplacer tests.
  • Free Accuplacer preparation assistance is offered at area Adult Basic Education (ABE) sites. Visit or call 320-269-9297 for more information. 

  • A list of Accuplacer review websites, including sample review questions, is available at bottom of this page.

Online/Distance Students

You are welcome to take the Accuplacer assessment test at a college near you and have the results sent to admissions staff at the Minnesota West campus where you are applying.

Another alternative would be to complete the Accuplacer near your home with an approved proctor at a local college, high school, library, or learning center. Because of the confidentiality and security of the assessment testing, the student and proctor must make arrangements with us prior to doing the assessment.

To make arrangements, the student and/or proctor should contact:
Laurel Christianson

Tips & Reminders for Test Day
  • Bring a picture ID and know your social security number.
  • The Accuplacer is computerized, but you need no previous experience with computers. It's simple to use.
  • You may not use calculators, dictionaries, notebooks or other papers of any kind. You can use scratch paper, which you will need to turn in upon completion of the test.
  • Results of computerized tests are available immediately.
  • Your scores are confidential and will be used by Minnesota West for advising and placement purposes only.
  • It might be necessary to re-test portions of the exam. If so, you do not need to re-take those portions which you scored at a college level.

Students with disabilities who need accommodations must have ADA documentation and need to make prior arrangements with the Disability Services staff at the campus where you are applying.

Studying for the Accuplacer

To help you review for the assessment tests, the following websites are available. These sites provide sample test questions with answers, so you can become familiar with the test and practice the items.

Accuplacer Study Guide has sample test questions as well as general test information.
Accuplacer Study Guides from Aims Community College, Colorado.
Complete Test Preparation has practice questions and test prep tips.
Math Accuplacer Study Materials from Anoka-Ramsey Community College, Minnesota.
Sample Questions from Montgomery College, Maryland.
Test Prep Review for the Accuplacer.

Contact the Admissions Office at Ask JAY or our Communication Center at 800-658-2330.