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Campus News

Worthington Students Recognized

Worthington Campus

Minnesota West Community & Technical College, Worthington campus, recognizes outstanding students during an Academic Awards Banquet held on April 22, 2014. 

Outstanding Agriculture Students – Mitch Gravenhof, Worthington, MN & Lucas Nath, Luverne, MN

Cultural Diversity Awards – Johnte Dawson, Welson, NC, Edith Chairez, Worthington, MN, Ebrahim Yasin, Egypt, Chee Her, Walnut Grove, MN, Alex Tang, Worthington, MN, Andreas Barrios, Worthington, MN and Hassan Rehima, Worthington, MN

Good Student Writing Awards – Jensen Wolf, Wilmont, MN & McKenzie Hurley, Worthington, MN

Humanities Division Student of the Year – Mirah Slocum, Reading, MN

Outstanding Biology Student – Rochelle Piper, Fulda, MN

Outstanding Chemistry Student – KC Riley, Worthington, MN

Outstanding Physics Award – Nathan Landwehr, Worthington, MN

Student Services Awards – Ceilia Schmitz, Brewster, MN

Outstanding Student of Human Services – Tammy Loosbrock, Lismore, MN

Outstanding Web Design & Development Award – Micah Pohlman, Worthington, MN

Outstanding Computer Science Programmer – Michael Dau, Worthington, MN

Computer Science Volunteer Assistants – Ayana Roro, Ashley Markus, Jason Kilker, Worthington, Tristan Sorenson, Fulda, Kody Whiteford, Windom, MN, Micah Pohlman, Worthington, MN

Law Enforcement Academic Awards – Austen Smedsrud, Windom, MN, Aaron Furth, Lamberton, MN, Adrian Hoesli, Walnut Grove, MN, Jacob Walker, Round Lake, MN,  Adam Wallace, Worthington, MN, Derek Claar, Edgerton, MN, Carissa Morris, Sherburn, MN, Collin Meinders, Brewster, MN, Kody Whiteford, Windom, MN, Rosie Vazquez, Worthington, MN, Andrea Barrios, Worthington, MN, Dan Easterday, Comfrey, MN, and Grant Swanson, Sherburn, MN

Minnesota West Worthington Campus Teacher of the Year – Jay Vargas, Sociology Instructor

Friend of Minnesota West – Prairie Elementary School

Phi Theta Kappa officers were recognized for their services in the officer positions for 2013-2014
Tiffany Gehl—President
Yuna Kim—Vice President of Fellowship
(Pipestone Campus)
Callie VanZandt—Vice President of Service
Anne Freeman—Vice President of Leadership
(Granite Falls Campus)
Jerrod Rehborg—Vice President of Scholarship
Theresa Dickey—Secretary/Treasurer

Fall 2013 Inductees to Phi Theta Kappa
Rebekkah Berven – Milan, MN
Shari Dean - Round Lake, MN
Darci Eigenberg – Windom, MN
Becky Ford – Sioux Falls, SD
Haley Gravenhof - Worthington, MN
Justin Kirlin – Fulda, MN
Vannaly Phannara – Worthington, MN
Mariah Slocum – Reading, MN
Alex Tang – Worthington, MN

Student Senate Officers for the 2013-14
Stephen Brunk—President
Jennifer Majerus—Vice-President
KC Riley—Secretary
Kara Honius—Treasurer
Sarah Stewart —Communication Coordinator
Voting Senators—Nathan Landwehr, Alex Tang,
Mariah Slocum and Nathan Gehrls

Who’s Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges
Kristen Andersen – Worthington, MN
Roro Ayana – Worthington, MN
Kara Baker – Eagle Lake, MN
Alyssa Benson – Worthington, MN
Rebekkah Berven – Milan, MN
Hanna Bosma – Rushmore, MN
Shari Dean – Round Lake, MN
Lindsey Drooger – Edgerton, MN
Leah Duitsman – Round Lake, MN
Darci Eigenberg – Windom, MN
Becky Ford – Sioux Falls, SD
Anne Freeman – Montevideo, MN
Tiffany Gehl – Fulda, MN
Haley Granvenhof – Worthington, MN
Jarett Herder – Walnut Grove, MN
Brittney Hermeling – Fulda, MN
Rachel Herrig – Windom, MN
Kara Honius – Worthington, MN
Christine Kazemba – Round Lake, MN
Yuna Kim – Pipestone, MN
Justin Kirlin – Fulda, MN
Nathan Landwehr – Worthington, MN
Laurie Lyngen – Montevideo, MN
Jennifer Majerus – Lakefield, MN
Vannaly Phannara – Worthington, MN
Micah Pohlman – Worthington, MN
Natasha Polzine – Worthington, MN
Hassan Rehima – Worthington, MN
Mariah Slocum – Reading, MN
Alex Tang – Worthington, MN
Michael Tanner – Royal Palm Beach, FL
Callie VanZandt – Trimont, MN
Jacob Walker – Round Lake, MN
Regina Wilson – Slayton, MN

Fall 2013  Athletes recognized by the Minnesota Community College Conference Academic Athletes

Lindsey Drooger – Edgerton, MN
Tiffany Gehl – Fulda, MN
Katerine Granstra – Heron Lake, MN
Brittany Hulstein – Fulda, MN
Christine Kazemba – Round Lake, MN
Ceilia Schmitz – Brewster, MN
Kari Suby- Brewster, MN

Michael Cooper – Inkster, MI
Rex Johnson – Maplewood, MN
D’Lorian Jordan – Detroit, MI
Logan Massop – St. Paul, MN

NJCAA Award for Superior Academic Achievement (3.80-3.99 GPA)
Katherine Granstra – Heron Lake, MN
Alayna Hall – Alden, MN

NJCAA Award for Exemplary Academic Achievement (3.60-3.79 GPA)
Rex Johnson – Maplewood, MN

Students on the Dean’s List for spring semester 2013 and fall semester 2013, along with spring 2012-13 Minnesota Community College Conference Athletes were recognized during the banquet.