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Campus News

Rockensock Receives ADM Scholarship

rockensock scholarship5/18/15

As part of Archer Daniels Midland's LINC program, Kyle Rockensock a student from Minnesota West Community & Technical College received a $1000 scholarship sponsored by Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) to aid in the pursuit of his career in the electrical trade. The scholarship supports the program’s mission to partner with local educators in hopes of bridging the gap between students and a career at ADM. This is accomplished by enhancing classroom curricula as well as supporting efforts to further education either in the workplace or with vocational training.

It is with great pride that Archer Daniels Midland awarded this scholarship to Kyle. He has shown a commitment to his program and has excelled in the classroom and the Minnesota West community.

Rebecca Weber, Campus Dean, adds, “We are proud of Kyle and his accomplishments as well as appreciative of ADM for their generous scholarship donation.”

Photo (L-R):

Gary Olsen, Electrical Instructor, Judy Drown, Electrical Instructor, Rebecca Weber, Campus Dean, Kyle Rockensock, first year Election student, Todd Denney, ADM HR Manager, and Kayla Uphus, ADM HR Assistant.