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Campus News

JBS to Award Scholarships

Industrial Technology Scholarship Flyer              

Worthington Campus

JBS will be awarding up to $135,000 in scholarships to students pursuing the college’s new one-year Industrial Technology degree program at Minnesota West, Worthington campus. 

In order to be considered for the scholarship, students must be able to pass a basic mechanical aptitude exam in English. Along with the application, applicants must submit their high school transcript, work history (if applicable) and two letters of recommendation. JBS will interview the top candidates and will choose the best qualified applicants as the scholarship awardees. 

Awardees of the JBS scholarship will have two options: a full scholarship of $9,000 for the one year program or a half scholarship of $4,500 for the program. The full scholarship will require a commitment to work for JBS for four years as a Maintenance Technician after completion of the program. The $4,500 scholarship will require a two-year commitment. 

Deadline for application is August 8, 2014. Interviews of the top candidates will be conducted in August and the Industrial Maintenance program is scheduled to begin in August 25, 2014 with up to 16 students. 

For more information regarding these scholarships and the application form, please call Marie Johnson at the Worthington Campus at 507-372-3472.

JBS is the world’s largest animal protein producer with over 185,000 employees across the globe. The Worthington JBS facility has a major economic impact on the region with a payroll of over 100 million dollars and annual procurement of local hogs of over one billion dollars. Approximately 2,200 employees work in the Worthington facility. JBS Maintenance Technicians earn an average of $65,000/year.