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Campus News

Hispanic Educational Technology Services

Minnesota West Community & Technical College is a member of the Hispanic Educational Technology Services (HETS) with Minnesota West President, Dr. Ric Shrubb, serving on the Board of Directors.

The Hispanic Educational Technology Services (HETS) is the first bilingual consortium dedicated to serving the higher education needs of the fast-growing Hispanic communities. Starting in 1993 as a group of institutions interested in sharing courses at a distance, the HETS Consortium has evolved from the use of telecommunications into the asynchronous modes of anywhere-anytime learning, to the use of technology to reach greater collaboration among and within educational institutions. Its inception was encouraged and directed by a group of seven American and Puerto Rican universities and professional technical colleges that joined together to form this non-profit organization.

Shrubb notes, “Minnesota West is a charter member for the state of Minnesota for HETS.  We want to promote technological outreach among our Hispanic constituents."

More than 30 colleges and universities constitute HETS. HETS institutional members include two-year and four-year colleges and universities located in the United States, Puerto Rico and Colombia. Corporate members from the United States, Puerto Rico, and Latin America, nonprofit organizations related to technology and education, as well as individuals, have joined this vast and varied group of institutions.