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Information Technology

Wireless Network Devices & Computer Use

Registered Minnesota West students may access the wireless network at all College campus and center locations.

Students using any WIFI or wireless devices on Minnesota West campuses or centers are solely responsible for their network activity. User responsibilities include but are not limited to avoiding network damage, network disruption, copyright theft, or any activity that would violate State of Minnesota Statutes or Minnesota West Policy 5.22.1. All users are responsible for reading and understanding Policy 5.22.1 as well as the following use polices.

Use Policies

Minnesota West retains the right to confiscate student personal laptops or wireless devices for violations of State of Minnesota Statutes and/or Minnesota West Policy 5.22.1. Violators may be subject to fine, expulsion or criminal prosecution.

Anti-Virus Software
Students using personal laptops on campus are required to install and maintain current anti-virus protection on their laptop computers. Minnesota West recommends that WIFI users update the anti-virus definitions every 10 days. Minnesota West reserves the right to randomly inspect student laptop computers to verify anti-virus software status; violations can result in loss of network privileges.

Extent of Access
Minnesota West makes no guarantee of the range and/or quality of its wireless network access at any campus or center. However, the College works to maintain equitable WIFI access for all students.

Code of Conduct
Students Students are expected to follow the College Code of Conduct


Emergency Repairs
Minnesota West understands how critical laptop computers are to student success. Therefore, the campus Technology Support Staff can assist students in emergency situations.

Students who own wireless devices are encouraged to verify appropriate insurance coverage with their providers.

Students should refer to their vendor warranty agreements before attempting any maintenance on personal laptop computers. Most vendors provide lists of procedures that users should not attempt. Attempting those procedures may invalidate warranties.