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Information Technology

Computer Hardware & Software Specs

There are no official requirements for a laptop for use by students at Minnesota West.  However, some vendors offer discounts to our students:

Microsoft Office 365 Pro Plus (Office 2016) - free for students.

Program Requirements for Computer Programs

Some programs at Minnesota West require their students to purchase a laptop computer. If you already own a laptop, ask the program instructor to review specifications to verify that your laptop is sufficient for use in their program.

Students needing a laptop for the Computer Programs at Minnesota West can use the following specifications as a guideline for purchasing a computer.

Laptop specifications for Computer Programs

A computer capable of running Windows 7 Professional Operating system or higher.  Minimum requirements according to Microsoft:

  • Processor Type – 1 Ghz dual Processors (2GHz is recommended).

  • RAM – 1GB (4 is recommended).

  • Hard disk  - 80GB (150 or more GB are recommended).

  • Peripheral /Interface Devices – DirectX 9.0 compatible graphics card.

  • DVD-Rom with read/write capability.

  • Wireless network card.

Optional devices

  • Mouse wired or wireless

  • Carrying case

  • Headphones

If you currently have a computer and you are wondering if it will work for the program, please contact the instructor. 

Jackson Campus
Computer Engineering Technologies
Networking Specialist
PC Maintenance Repair
Terri Pelzel, Instructor

Granite Falls Campus
Computer Support
Pam Jensen, Instructor