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Automotive Technician, Diploma

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The automotive technician inspects, tests and diagnoses vehicles to determine repairs required. Technicians start engines and listen for sounds indicative of malfunctions. They drive vehicles noting performance of parts such as clutch, gears and brakes. They also analyze motor for cylinder compression, fuel consumption, wheel alignment, and steering using a variety of testing devices.

The automotive technician plans work procedures using charts, technical manuals and experience. A variety of lifting devices are used to gain access to the underside of vehicles. Disassembling units, such as engines, transmissions and differentials to inspect parts for wear is also done by a technician. Wear will be measured using micrometers, calipers and thickness gages.

Technicians may repair and replace parts. General auto service of vehicles may also be a part of the automotive technician's duties. See information on required Automotive Tool List.

  Fall - Year 1  
AUTO 1100
Intro to Transportation 2
AUTO 1111
Electrical 4
AUTO 1120
Air Conditioning 2
AUTO 1121
Advanced Heating & Air Conditioning 2
AUTO 1145
Engine Performance I 2
  General Education Or Related Electives 2
  Credits for Fall - Year 1 14
  Spring - Year 1  
AUTO 1126
Steering/Suspension/Alignment 4
AUTO 1131
Brakes 4
AUTO 1136
Engine Technology & Lab 5
  General Education Or Related Electives 2
  Credits Spring - Year 1 15
  Summer - Year 1  
AUTO 2190
Summer Internship (after 2nd semester) 4
  Fall - Year 2  
AUTO 2106
Automatic Transmissions 5
AUTO 2112
Manual Drive Train & Axles 5
  General Education Or Related Electives 5
  Credits Fall - Year 2 15
  Spring - Year 2  
AUTO 2121
Engine Performance II 5
AUTO 2122
Advance Engine Performance III 5
AUTO 2145
Body Computer Controlled Electrical Systems 5
  General Education Or Related Electives 1
  Credits Spring - Year 2 16


General Education or Related Elective - 10 credits would include the following classes:
Human Relations GSSS 1100, Job Seeking Skills GSCL 1105, Technical Writing GSCM 1120 or the following General Education classes: English, Biology, Chemistry, Math above 1000 level, Physics, Natural Science, Art, Foreign Language, Literature, Music, Philosophy, Theater, Western Civilization, Economics, Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology.

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