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Nursing: Mission and Philosophy - A.S.

The Minnesota West Associate of Science (A S.) program is dedicated to providing nursing education using a variety of affordable, accessible, delivery methods to a diverse population with the goal of preparing graduates who practice safe, entry level professional nursing.

Nursing draws on a broad and integrated knowledge base. It is a unique discipline in and of its own and is both an art and a science.

  • We believe the essence of nursing and nursing education involves therapeutic relationships, priority setting, critical thinking, and the valuing of individuals with unique needs. Physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, social and cultural dimensions of individuals and community create a whole that is greater than its parts.
  • We place high value on caring and respect for human beings, and on interpersonal relationships in nursing – the interaction between nurse and client, between student and faculty, and among members of the health care team.
  • We enthusiastically support health promotion and the empowerment of individuals and families across the lifespan to meet their own health needs.
  • We believe faculty are responsible for designing, directing, and guiding learning of students. Faculty role-model process skills which include ethical decision making, critical thinking, problem solving, communication, creativity, and self-care. Faculty advocate mutual understanding and respect between scopes of practice and commit themselves to preparing safe, competent practitioners who value a life of learning.
  • We believe students are responsible for their own learning and must be actively engaged in the learning process.

Minnesota West Community & Technical College Associate in Science Nursing Program is accredited by:

acen seal  

Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing

3343 Peachtree Road NE. Suite 850
Atlanta, GA 30326

Continued accreditation granted through
Spring of 2023.

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