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View Degree Audit for Advisees
Log into ISRS now.


  1. Login with your tech id and password.

  2. Choose Advisees from the left menu.

  3. Choose Overall for all advisees or Enrolled for a list of students registered for the defaul term.

    You can change the semester, if necessary.

  4. With the list of students displayed, you can select degree audit (DARS) for each student.

  5. Logout when finished.

Audits can only be run once each day, so a student cannot view an audit, register for some classes, then go back to the audit to see how the new classes fit in. The audit would need to be checked the following day for any changes.

DARS defaults to use the catalog in place at the time the student first entered a major. If the student chooses to use a later catalog, the registration office must be notified to correct the student record.