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Faculty Resources

ISRS for Faculty

                                                                                                                                  Login to ISRS now.

If you need instructions, view any of the following:

How to login to the student record system (ISRS). 

Faculty Application Overview
  An overview of real time web grading and explains how to login, security, and overview of each of the  
  navigation links of the online application.

Advisee Search 
  Review the overall/enrolled advisee list report, review student schedule, contact information and
  transcript, MnTC and DARS reports.

Class Management

Class/Roster List
  Log into e-Services to view a course listing of course(s) you are teaching in the current semester or
  courses taught in previous semesters.

Change Grades

D2L Brightspace Setup 
  Release grades to faculty application.

Wait List Report
  View the courses that are wait listed and the count of students.

Grade and Last Date of Attendance (LDA) Entry

Course List and Grade Entry 

Posting Completed Grades 
  Post manually or import from D2L Brightspace.


View your leave activity.
Pay your account balance (such as, parking, tuition, and fees).