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Faculty Resources

2016-2017 Curriculum Development Manual

This manual for course and program development/modification has been developed by the Minnesota West Academic Affairs and Standards Council (AASC).

All curricula action should be processed using the information and forms in this manual.

For additional information or assistance in filling out forms, contact the Academic Office at 507-372-3400.

Table of Contents

I.  Foundations of Curriculum Development

   - Overview and Definitions
   - Clossary of Terms

   - Roles, Rights & Responsibilities
      - Faculty

      - Departmental

      - Local Curriculum Committee
      - Divison Chair
      - Program Coordinator/Director

      - Departmental Head
      - Advisory Committee

      - Customized Training
      - Administrative
      - Curricular Assessment/Evaluation
      - Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL)

II.  Curricular Policies and Procedures

   - Minnesota State colleges and universities Policy & Procedures
   - Accreditation Guidelines 
   - Flowcharts for Curricular Processes  
   - Other 
   - Alternative Forms of Credit

      - CLEP

      - Work Life Credit

      - PSEO

      - Concurrent Enrollment

      - International Baccalaureate

      - Advanced Placement (AP)

      - Credit-Bearing Customized Training/Continuing Education

III.  Curricular Resources to AASC

   - Forms

      - Course Modification

      - Course Outline

      - Course Retirement

      - Course Syllabus

      - New Course

      - New Program

      - Program Modification

   - Examples

      - Catalog Course Description Example.  See catalog description in Course Outline Example

      - Course Objectives Example

      - Course Outline Example

      - Course Syllabus Example

      - Learner Outcome Example

      - Program Outcomes Example
   - Action Verbs List for Course Descriptions
   - Best Practices in Teaching
   - Minnesota West Copyright Statement

IV.  Division Assignments and Chairs