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Active Duty with Armed Forces
Deferment of Tuition and Fees
Delayed Payment Options
Dropped/Added Classes
Late Fee 
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Reciprocity Tuition and Fees
Return of Federal Funds
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Tuition Payment Plan - Nelnet Business Solutions (NBS)

Active Duty with Armed Forces

Minnesota West Community & Technical College, in compliance with Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Policy 5.12.1, recognizes the contributions to America's national defense made by Minnesota West students who are also members of the armed forces.

A student enrolled at Minnesota West who is a member of any branch of the U.S. military and who is unable to complete a semester due to a call to active duty shall be, to the extent possible, provided with one of the following options:

  1. The student may be given a full refund of tuition. Students receiving financial aid who choose this option should be made aware that they may be liable for any required refunds of state or federal financial aid funds.

  2. The student may be given a grade of IP (In Progress) in a course and complete it upon return from active duty. Course completion may be accomplished by independent study or by retaking the course without payment of tuition. Under federal financial aid policies, a course that is retaken this way may not be counted toward a student’s enrollment load.

  3. If, in the instructor’s judgment, the student has completed sufficient course work to earn a grade of a C or better, the student may be given credit for completion of a course.

A student called to active duty will be provided with easy and flexible re-entry to Minnesota West upon his or her release.

Dropped/Added Classes

Classes may be dropped or added pursuant with Minnesota West Policy 5.12.0.

If a student registers for a class and doesn't attend at least one (1) class session, the student’s status for financial aid must be recalculated. Recalculation could result in repayment of the financial aid that the student has already received. If a student is obligated for a dropped class, the tuition and fees can be used to cover the cost of an added class for the same term. This is an exchange. Unless the exchange is credit for credit, the student’s status for financial aid may be adjusted.

The College incurs costs up front for some fees. Consequently, fees may not be refunded at 100%. Refunds in these cases are at the discretion of the College.

Late Registration

Registration for classes will be allowed through the first five instructional days of the semester on a space available basis. Registration after the fifth day of the semester requires the consent of the instructor, providing space is available.

Return of Federal Funds 

Students who receive federal financial aid and who withdraw before completing the semester may be required to return a portion of the money received because they did not “earn” the total amount paid at the beginning of the semester.

The amount earned is the percent of funds received that is equivalent to the percent of the semester completed. (Example: A student who received a check for $1,000 and then withdrew from school after completing only 25% of the semester has earned 25% of the $1,000 received. The student has earned $250 of the $1,000 and must return $750 to the federal government).

Students should consult a counselor or financial aid worker before withdrawing from classes.

Tuition Payment Plan

Minnesota West participates in a payment plan that allows students to make monthly payments for tuition & fees and required textbooks & course materials. Through an agreement with Nelnet Business Solutions (NBS), these payments will be automatically processed each month on designated dates during the term. Students will be charged a payment plan fee by Nelnet Business Solutions.  

If a student defaults on the plan, a hold will be placed on the account for any future registration until the account is paid in full and will be turned over to Minnesota Department of Revenue, Collection Division at that time. Refer to College Policy 5.11.3.


The President or designee may waive College fees or refund payments for the following reasons:

  1. Employee benefit provided by a collective bargaining agreement.

  2. Death of a student.

  3. Medical reasons.

  4. College error.

  5. Employment related conditions.

  6. Significant personal circumstances.

  7. Course conditions (i.e. the student is not able to use the service for which the fee is collected.)