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Registration & Records

Notice Regarding Tuition Payment

Students will have their class registrations cancelled for non-payment if payment is not made by the end of the fifth day of each term.

Students who have not paid their tuition and fees by the payment deadline will have their class registrations canceled unless one of the following conditions is met:

  • Student has made a down payment of 15% or $300.00 whichever is less.

  • Student has an active Nelnet Business Solutions (NBS) Tuition Payment Plan.

  • Student has completed the financial aid application and has a ISIR on file with the college.

  • Student has provided the college with scholarship or third party authorization for payment of tuition.

  • Student is a PSEO student.

Limited circumstances could allow a student to have tuition and fees deferred for a short period of time. Students who believe they have extenuating circumstances that could be considered for deferment should speak to the business office staff. Deferment criteria are well defined. Not all requests for deferments will be granted.

Tuition Payment
  • No invoices or tuition statements will be sent. Students should access their e-Services account information online.

  • Students in jeopardy of having class registrations cancelled will get a pop up message when logging into their e-Services account letting them know that they have not met the financial requirements necessary to remain registered after the tuition due date.

  • Students who register and later change their plans for attendance must complete a drop form in person at the registration office or complete an online drop using their e-Services Account by the fifth day of the term. Students should not rely on the college to drop them from courses.